The Domino Effect of Article Marketing



The use of articles to market online businesses and websites remains one of the most powerful and simple to use tools in internet marketing, and it can be done at little or no cost. To better understand how article marketing operates, think about the process as a ‘domino qq pkv effect’.

Once an article has been written, it travels from the submitter’s computer to online directories, and, upon approval, it becomes available to readers, webmasters, publishers, etc. Each time that the article is viewed, the reader is provided back-links to the submitter’s website which traffic is driven to. These links are included in what is called the resource box along with any other information that the author may want to include. When webmasters and publishers use the article, they include all of the author’s information in the copy that they publish on their sites and/or newsletters. Sometimes, the articles might even be included as a part of an eBook compilation.

The goal is to have that article spread to as many places as possible or become ‘viral’ to experience the most benefit for the submitter and their site. When an article is available in multiple locations, like those discussed earlier, it becomes exposed to a larger audience. For instance, a publisher’s website may see hundreds or even thousands of visitors daily, which gives that many more people the opportunity to read an article that those publishers might use. Since the resource box travels as a part of the article as a whole, the submitter’s website traffic grows, thanks to the improved public awareness.

There are additional gains to writing articles, and they can be very important as a part of ecommerce. First, as the submitter writes and distributes more articles, they are able to establish themselves as an expert in their chosen field. In addition, as the submitter’s creditability increases, they are able to gain the trust of their readers more easily. It is important to keep in mind that an article can be viewed as a reflection of the site that it is linked-back to.

Many successful internet marketers create and submit at least one article per week to a variety of directories; however, those who submit the articles are not always the writers of the content. These individuals may find that they are unable to write well or are without the time needed to create their own. To solve these dilemmas, people may opt to hire an outside source to write articles for them.

To become a successful article marketer, it is not required to be a good writer; however, it is important for the submitter to recognize if they fall short in these areas because success relies on well-written and informative articles. One of the most important aspects of any article that is submitted is that it is a means to provide information for the reader and is not a sales letter in disguise. A good resource box is all that is needed to drive traffic to the pointed site. Thus, it provides a gateway for visitors to buy into the submitter’s products and services.


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